The PODs

Our Livin & Workin Pods Collection offers a major innovation in home adaptation solutions.

The Living Pod can dramatically speed up a safe and comfortable return to home for anybody who has been in hospital or care.

The Workin Pod provides a fantastic additional working space, particularly important when having to work from home.

We represent a new way of thinking about home adaptations, building a more sustainable, cost effective, modular future.

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Our Pods are…


— A new approach for home adaptation solutions

— Revolutionary materials, processes and construction


— 80% of the materials used can be repurposed

— The installed Pod can be removed from the property after use, avoiding a lasting change

Time efficient

— The short time from confirmation to completion of four weeks, is a huge improvement to the industry’s standard practice

— Our way of working speeds up the process of getting people back into their homes. Which in turn could increase the chances of full recovery

Cost effective

— A more cost-effective solution compared with the rising costs of continued health and social care

— Economies of scale can offer genuine savings to local authorities when a range of pods are installed

— Investment in an infrastructure instead of social care


— Heating costs are minimal

— Materials used are environmentally friendly

— All Pods are well insulated and retain heat


— We aspire to work across sectors, creating a more collaborative and efficient approach (Local Authority, Housing Association and the NHS)

— We strive to make the application to confirmation process quicker, reducing unnecessary steps and potential barriers

The Small Pod

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The Medium Pod

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The Large Pod

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