Energy & sustainability

We believe that, as citizens of our shared planet, we have a duty to look after it for both ourselves and future generations. We are committed to providing and innovating in renewable energy and sustainable living.

In our home town, Liverpool City Region, the combined domestic and business electricity spend was estimated to be £900m per annum in 2017 – of which only £180m remains in the local city region economy. That means that approximately £720m, that started in the pockets of local businesses, tenants and homeowners, disappears from the local economy for the benefit of others. We believe that retaining even half of this would take positive steps forward in the eradication of fuel poverty, provide a boost to local economies, create local jobs, reduce the carbon footprint of the region and improve air quality, all of which improve the quality of life and prosperity for all.

As a group, we have a track record in establishing environmentally-friendly and innovative projects.

In 2012, we set up the Beautiful Energy Company as part of the Flanagan Group, which explores and develops community-owned models of renewable and sustainable energy production. It’s designed to improve the lives of local communities by giving them the opportunity to ‘take control of their energy future’ and gain direct value from their energy, creating sustainable change and maximising community assets for the benefit of all.

Continuous learning – or ‘EnergyCation’ – is key to sustainably improving the quality of life for our communities and planet. It’s also fundamental to developing the skills in the local labour force to take full advantage of community energy and sustainability initiatives that will create local, well paid, quality jobs, feed money from the energy market back into local communities and create a self-sustaining model for a better future for all.

As developers, many of our projects include renewable energy and sustainable living technologies, from photovoltaic panels to ground source/air source heat pumps, electric car charging points, assistive living technologies, energy management systems and heat recovery technologies, amongst others.

Two men fitting solar panels on a large roof as part of sustainable energy

‘Sustainability’ doesn’t just mean environmental sustainability to us. We also operate a model of financial sustainability and responsible business. We’re committed to our belief in community, investing in local tradespeople, responsible business practice and our team.

We work with local suppliers and are committed to paying the real living wage. And we do it because it’s the right thing to do, and it makes good commercial sense, which helps us be a more sustainable business. It’s in our DNA.

To continue our innovation and forward momentum towards a more sustainable future, we collaborate with a number of academic institutions on research and development projects.

We’re currently working on a number of innovations, with academic partners including:

  1. Liverpool John Moores University (LJMU) eco-innovatory team, on a more sustainable construction method for home adaptations;
  2. Birmingham City University (BCU) on a ‘digital spine’ project, digitally linking the Midlands Engine with the Northern Powerhouse;
  3. University of Liverpool, Birmingham City University, LJMU and a private equity partner on an exciting transformative business model for community energy projects.