Our roots lie in the communities where the business was born and has thrived. We are committed to supporting local economies and creating opportunities for all through our work – for our clients and partners, for our staff, and for the wider local community.

We take the training and employment of our teams seriously. We’ve offered over 200 apprenticeships to date in the Flanagan Group – our first apprentice joined us 25 years ago, and still works for us now.

We also measure the value of our work using the HACT Social Value Calculator, so we can see clearly what how we contribute to the local economies we work in.

Alongside our own team, we are also keen to support those communities with our skills and experience, and work alongside a number of local CICs.

Flanagan Group director Paul Flanagan acts as a voluntary commercial advisor on the board of Liverpool’s Florrie community organisation, a post he has held since 2015. He brings his management expertise and commercial eye to the social enterprise, enabling it to grow its income dramatically. During that period it has increased commercial activity by 100%, with occupancy rates running at 90% (up 50% from the previous year). It has an annual footfall of over 15,000 people for a variety of community and cultural events.

Co-director Julian Flanagan also sits on the board of the Beautiful Ideas Company CIC, and the Flanagan Group manages two matchday car parks in north Liverpool for the CIC. Creating a revenue stream by addressing the problem of street-based parking for local residents, the ‘Beautiful Car Parks’ have become enormously successful for both the local community and local residents that operate them.

Over the course of several years they have generated more than £700,000, which has now been used as match-funding to support new business development across north Liverpool, as well as investments in local ‘quality of life’ improvement initiatives.

To date, the £700,000 initially raised by the Beautiful Car Parks has supported more than 100 people becoming involved in new economic activity locally. By 2020, those businesses are projected to have a turnover of more than £1m, all of which is firmly embedded in the local economy. It is another example of our ambition to keep the Liverpool pound within the Liverpool City Region, supporting the region, its people and businesses.

A group of community volunteers smiling and hugging
A group of mainly women at the start line for a community sponsored run

In 2012 we created the Beautiful Energy Company to address the issue of fuel poverty and explore and develop community-owned models of renewable and sustainable energy production. We continue to innovate and blaze a trail in the sustainable energy field, to strengthen the assets of individual communities, and people who live in them, by providing a real alternative to ‘traditional’ energy supply routes and helping local communities take charge of their energy future.