The Beautiful Energy Company

We founded The Beautiful Energy Company to help communities retain their energy spend in the local economy, using locally-owned cheaper and cleaner renewable energy. Not only do they create strong social, environmental and financial returns, but they allow local communities to take control of their energy future. This in turn creates new training and employment opportunities as well as positive environmental impacts. Our research from the Beautiful Energy Company has helped us create more energy efficient properties, including extensive research into modular homes and smart home solutions.

Rising energy costs and fuel poverty remains an ongoing issue for communities – we hear this first hand in the communities that we work in. We provide innovative green refurb solutions and build energy efficient new homes, geared towards the eradication of fuel poverty. We’re also investing heavily in flexible, modular housing, working on pioneering projects with LJMU and Birmingham City University. Not only are these highly energy efficient, but they are designed to suit their tenants throughout their lives.

Ours is the only planet we’ll ever live and work on – it is essential that we play our part in keeping it a nice place to do so.